Pro-bono search work for non profit organizations

“Your involvement in MB is just incredible and I am quite frankly amazed at the way you are treating us. It’s one of a few times
in 14 years where someone hasn’t made me feel indebted or with some angle. I am so grateful for this crucial help”.

Matthew Spacie, CEO and founder of Magic Bus

Magic Bus

We have been an active supporter of Magic Bus since 2012 when Simon Childs was based in Mumbai. Magic Bus is Asia’s largest mentoring organization, working to move some of the world’s poorest children from poverty, using mentors and a sports-based curriculum to engage children and ensure that they make the right choices from childhood, all the way through to better livelihoods as adults. RGF helps by finding top level talent on a pro-bono, no fee basis and has successfully introduced Magic Bus’s CFO and COO.


Saigon Children's Charity

Saigon Children’s Charity was founded in 1992 for a specific purpose: to help disadvantaged Vietnamese children to get an education and a fairer start in life. Today, we continue to focus on the same needs.
Saigon Children’s Charity takes simple, practical steps to ensure that the children most in need get an education. We build schools, we give scholarships, we target additional support and help and we provide vocational training.
Our work achieves rapid results (scholarships get children into school immediately) and we know it works. Where SCC provides scholarships the drop-out rate will fall from often around 7% or 8% to just 2%.  Longer term we know that a good education increases their choices in life and their opportunity to find and sustain decent paid employment.ENRG’s Simon Childs joined an RGF team taking part in a 250KM cycle ride in the Mekong Delta on behalf of the Saigon Children’s Charity in November 2013 and helped raise more than USD 3K.