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    Headline from Nov 2017

    read more here: http://blog.hhmc.com.au/how-hr-tech-is-transforming-the-recruitment-and-staffing-industry

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    Insights for HHMC readers

    Simon Childs shares his experience and insights with HHMC readers on Learning & Development – a critical part of any […]

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    Asia Hall of Fame Award

    The Recruitment International, Asia Hall of Fame Award in 2016 was presented to Simon Childs, who has built, sold and […]

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    Cornell AESC program

    The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), appoints Simon Childs to the alumni development committee for the new virtual Cornell […]

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    Recruitment International Asia

    Article on RGF’s expansion and the challenges of integrating acquired businesses. Read more here.

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    AESC Global Conference

    Simon Childs speaks on the merits of the Cornell/AESC Advanced Program in Executive Search at the AESC Global Conference in […]